April 3, 2013

DC Comics Launches ‘We Can Be Heroes’ Charity Fundraiser on Indiegogo

Charity News - DC Comics Launches ‘We Can Be Heroes’ Charity Fundraiser on Indiegogo

More than a year after launching its 'We Can Be Heroes' charity initiative, which raises money for humanitarian aid organizations dealing with the hunger crisis faced in the Horn of Africa, DC Comics announced the second phase of the project today: a fundraiser on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

“Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment formed We Can Be Heroes in response to the crisis in the Horn of Africa where 8 million people are in need of life-saving food, clean water, healthcare and other services,” DC Entertainment Senior Vice President Amit Desai told Wired. “We Can Be Heroes raises funds for three humanitarian aid organizations working in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya: Save the Children, Mercy Corps and International Rescue Committee. These nonprofit partners have a track record of delivering effective and expeditious humanitarian aid to those affected by this crisis.”

“We hope to build upon last year’s very successful inaugural campaign, which raised more than $2 million and helped change the lives of more than 5 million people,” said DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson. “You don’t need a super power to be a hero.  One small act can make you a hero and a lot of small acts can save millions of lives.”
If you'd like to be a hero, then visit our website to donate or volunteer to help African children in need. Thanks!
Original article:  DC Comics Charity - Wired News

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