April 7, 2013

Experts push for free nursery education in Uganda

Education News - Experts push for free nursery education in Uganda

The National Council for Children has asked the Ugandan government to roll out universal kindergarten and nursery education.

The council argues that this would expedite prosperity in the country.

A study conducted by US-based scholars in the country early this year revealed that Uganda would benefit from investment in pre-primary school.

According to the study, universal kindergarten and nursery education would improve pupils attainment of numeracy and literacy skills, which would eventually boost their performance at higher levels of eduaction.

The report was compiled by Prof. Jere of Pennsylvania University and Prof. Jan Van Ravens of Yale University.

It was unveiled during the 4th Annual National Early Childhood Development Retreat at Colline Hotel in Mukono town early this week.

The research was conducted to establish the cost and benefits of scaling up pre-primary Education for the children aged 3-5years.

It was supported by the gender ministry, UNICEF and non-government organisations like Plan Uganda, the Agakhan Foundation and Save the Children.
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