March 31, 2013

Education News - Gomba pupils have no roof

Education News - Gomba pupils have no roof 

"We have classes under a mango tree when the sun becomes too hot and transfer the pupils to our staff room for shelter when it rains. This is because the roof of their classroom was blown off by a strong wind, leaving them without where to sit,” says Shamim Nabaale, a teacher at Kasiika Umea Primary School in Gomba district.

“Controlling pupils under the tree and in the open is very hard. They want to see whatever is happening in the compound and every person on the road,” she adds.

After travelling through a dusty road with potholes, we finally arrive at this rural school at the invitation of the head teacher.

A large, clean compound is all you see. There is no signpost showing a school. When we get closer, we spot the pupils clad in blue uniforms having a lesson under a mango tree.

“This school is very good because we have qualified teachers who know what they are supposed to do.

Unfortunately, you cannot teach a child in a poor environment and expect him to pass,” says head-teacher Ibrahim Mulindwa, pointing at the collapsing buildings.

In the background, Nabbale is trying hard to get the pupils’ attention.

“It is very hard to teach pupils under the tree because their attention is usually divided,” Nabbale says. In the bush are latrines with two rooms that are almost collapsing.

Mulindwa appeals to the Government to intervene before the walls collapse.

“As a school, we cannot do much because we are in a helpless state due to the poverty levels in the villages, yet we have to teach,” he said.

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