March 25, 2013

Solar powered internet school opens world of possibilities

Education News - Solar powered internet school opens world of possibilities 

How do you get a state of the art internet school in the remotest corner of Africa without electricity, buildings and other infrastructure?

You do what Samsung has done. You convert a 40 foot shipping container into a solar powered internet classroom that can fit 21 students at a time.

The classroom exhibited at the Samsung Africa Forum 2013 in Cape Town has solar panels on the roof that can generate up to 9 hours of electricity per day. When fully charged the lessons can be conducted for three days without sunshine.

The solar panels on the roof run 24 laptops and a 50 inch interactive electronic board and Wi-Fi cameras. The solar panels are made of rubber so the classroom can be transported and set up in remote areas without breaking the panels.

Inside the class temperature are kept normal by padding and ventilation. The Samsung internet solar-powered note books, Galaxy tablets open up a world of wonder to the students who have access to any curriculum resources available on the internet.
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