March 12, 2013

ProBueno Lets You Turn Your Talents Into Charity Donations

Charity News - ProBueno Lets You Turn Your Talents Into Charity Donations
Our ProBueno Campaign Page

ProBueno is a new web app that lets you put your talents to good use. Whether your talents involve playing video games, coding and app development, baking biscuits or something else, you can volunteer your skills in exchange for charitable donations to the non-profit organisation of your choice.

ProBueno is a new service that lets you take some of the skills you may not have thought would be useful for volunteering and put them to good use. For example, if you’re willing to give guitar lessons, you can create an entry at ProBueno, select a charity or non-profit that you want to donate to, and make your skills available to anyone willing to donate to that charity on your behalf. You offer your skills to the person who makes the donation, and the charity gets the money.

Use your talents for good! Please visit our ProBueno campaign page and start raising money for the children of Africa by sharing your skills.

Link to the original article:  ProBueno lets you offer up your talents and skills for good - Tech crunch

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