March 6, 2013

Charity News: Students learn philanthropy by giving

Charity News - Trabuco Mesa students learn philanthropy by giving

Wounded warrior Jamie "Doc" Havig (Credit Kevin Chang, Daily Pilot).

Jamie 'Doc' Havig tells students to close their eyes and imagine being in their bedrooms with all their video games, stuffed animals, toys and candies.

Then he takes out a garbage bag and tells the children to open their eyes.

"Imagine all your stuff in this one bag," Havig, program director at Irvine-based nonprofit Team Kids, said. "Believe it or not, some families get evicted out of their house. They can't afford to stay in a place, and everything they own has to go in a garbage bag. And they have to live on the street."

This is how Havig usually starts assemblies at elementary schools participating in the Team Kids Challenge program, which is designed to get students involved in philanthropic activities. Trabuco Mesa Elementary School students spent the past month participating in events to support four groups, exceeding their goals each time.

Link to the original article: Students learn philanthropy by giving - NBC News

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