February 18, 2013

David Beckham to donate his wages to children's charity

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David Beckham celebrated his second MLS Cup success with Los Angeles Galaxy in December 2012, and his next mission is a move to ambitious French club Paris Saint-Germain -- the final challenge of his distinguished career.
David Beckham. Photo credit to CNN.
David Beckham, who recently signed a 5-month contract with the Paris soccer club PSG, has the right idea. The 37 year old soccer player and international celebrity will be donating his wages to a children's charity in Paris.

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Beckham to donate wages to children's charity

To be like Beckham, please visit our website and donate to children in need. http://internationalhand.org/donate.html

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  1. Thanks a lot to your help David Beckham. May God continue shower more blessings so that many children in need will have youyr kindness. Thanks. the family international videosl