September 7, 2010

Greetings from the girls at Kigulu Secondary School in Uganda

Thank you to all IHF Sponsors from the girls at Kigulu Secondary School

Barbara, Caroline & Kaumi just completed their second term of school, they're making friends and are excited to learn. Our onsite coordinator Frank met with the students to discuss grades and progress for the term. The students are doing well and are very happy to be in school. They’re fortunate to have each other and have started to build their own IHF community at the school.

Kaumi, the student that lost both her parents to AIDS has worked extremely hard this term. The school has awarded her a partial scholarship for next year for scoring highest in her class. Her grade reports sent to the US were all top scores and she is one of our most successful students thus far. She is beating the odds!

The lives of these children are changing because you cared and showed your support. The government currently does not support secondary education and without your help these children would not be attending school. Thank you from IHF and the children for making this happen.

The New Year starts soon. Help send more children to school, change the lives of children in Uganda, Iganga now! Make a donation to sponsor a child to attend secondary school or a local university.

Asante Sana - Thank you very much. Barbara, Caroline and Kaumi send their greetings.

To make a donation to sponosor a child please visit or start your own fundraising page at

-International Hand

Picture left to right ( Kaumi, Barbara, Caroline)

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