June 12, 2009

Message from a student in Uganda

I greet you in the name of jesus christ the son of the living god and thank god who brought you to Uganda with journey masses may his protection remain with you. I am a Ugandan girl age 15 but I am an orphan who lost both parents. The diseased father died in 2000 my mother than followed in 2001 of HIV. My hobbies are music and dance. I also participate in bible reading. I am in senior two in New Grace Secondary School. I was an orphan. I find problems in my daily life since I stay with my very old grandmother who cannot afford to provide for me or my education as a human being which leads to loss of hope in my life. You coming here has brought allot of hope in my life. Finally may the almighty god continue to work in you, show you great and insearchable things which is hidden in darkness.

I remain, Mirembe Esther

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